Choosing sustainable timber

Choosing new timber

There’s a lot of timber on sale that comes from non-renewable sources, like old growth forests and illegal overseas logging. Australia imports about $1 billion of Asian clear-felled forest every year. That’s not good news.

But you can buy wood that’s ‘chain of custody’ certified – which means everyone involved in its production, from the tree to the timber yard, is certified and checked to be sure they comply with the standard. The logos to look for are FSC or PEFC.

One of Wood Wood Wood Wood’s favourites is Hoop Pine. It’s an Australian native and has been grown and replaced in plantations in Queensland since the 1920s.

Choosing recycled

Recycled timber has a story to tell. Whether reclaimed from flooring, building, fencing or furniture, every piece shows the nail holes and marks of its previous life. This imperfection adds a rich history to new furniture – with the feel-good factor of being totally recycled.

The price of recycled timber reflects the costs of salvage and cleaning, but the character and originality of the end result makes it a truly viable alternative.

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