Period style, compact bathroom: where to put a cabinet? Before…

Sonia and Theo were faithfully restoring their Californian bungalow house in Bexley, Sydney, but had a problem. No where to store anything in the 2 metre square bathroom. Pedestal basin, bath, toilet, door and window was it. There was one option. A cabinet above the basin and the tile line and mirror at head height.
See the cabinet taking shape in the workshop. Next post…the finished result.




“We’re looking for a modern, practical kitchen, made using solid wood” Part 3

With the installation of the stone bench tops, wood wall shelves, white splash back tiles, oven top and range hood the work is complete. The result is as Laura and Michael wanted, as depicted in the images offered as a guide right at the start – see part 1.
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Project: reclaimed, recycled timber to hand crafted dining table. Final part 8

From back of car to family home.
The table is now in situ and Therese and Mark are delighted with the result. It’s remarkable to think that the Australian cedar wood in this table – very likely cut from forest along the north coast of New South Wales more than 100 years ago – was recently stair material covered in coats of paint and carpet only metres from where it now continues to exist!
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Project: reclaimed, recycled timber to hand crafted dining table. Part 3

Now to remove all metals from the salvaged timber.
To detect embedded nail and tack heads, an electric wire brush removes layers of paint. Then the age old task of extracting begins using pliers and a hammer. This is important, as the next step will be to run the timber through machines which have finely ground knives which can be costly to repair. See part 4 for the reveal.