Wood cloudscraper

I’m writing a daily Facebook post with pictures for a business in Sydney called Heritage Building Centre http://bit.ly/SyihVX. It’s occupied my online energy for the last few weeks, so this is a return to business – so to speak.

Last year, I was very interested in a report I heard on Radio National’s By Design program about a 10 storey building in Melbourne’s docklands made out of – wait for it – wood. Far from being a odd idea, it seems that around the world this concept is being taken up by serious building companies, including, in this case, Lend Lease Australia.

Here’s a couple of reasons why: concrete is the least sustainable material, wood locks in carbon and because it is light does not require heavy machinery and large teams of labourers to construct.

What would it take to make this option more popular? To imagine cities and suburbs with buildings like this…a revolution?