Where can I stick my sub-woofer?..

That’s what Teifion said to me. He and Larah were looking for an all in one entertainment unit to go along a large wall and fit television and sound requirements. They’d seen models of wall units in Sydney – made using laser cut medium density fibre board (mdf) – but weren’t aware that the same could be made using a mix of Australian 100% sustainable plantation solid timber and veneer board. And at a reasonable price.

Once measurements were taken and format decided, drawings were supplied and Teifion and Larah then got to choose the colour of the paint to suit the interior of their room. They also searched and found very special handles: I’ve written before how I really appreciate this as it adds true individuality to an item.

Teifion got somewhere to stick his sub-woofer and with everything set up the family can now sit back and relax.