Small vanity cabinet for compact renovated bathroom.

I’m meeting people who after long searches are wanting solid timber vanity cabinets: made to order and to compliment other items in their bathrooms. I would welcome more inquiries. I’m wondering if people are not sure how to proceed with items like this. Or afraid of the cost. I’ll address this issue in a later blog.

Margaret in Leichhardt, Sydney, was looking for a solid timber vanity to fit the bowl she’d selected and match the other items in her renovated bathroom. She chose recycled Oregon, which is a reasonably priced timber with plenty of character and saved a few dollars by keeping the brass knobs from the existing cabinet so they could be fitted on the new.

Not a big project, but the minimising of the dimensions of the cabinet and being able to fit the actual bowl was a challenge. Now, Margaret has what she wanted: more space and a vanity made to order to suit a modernised Federation home.

For more ideas. Please go to Woodwood woodwood on Pinterest and see the board “The Vanities”




I interrupt this broadcast to announce…

I have been asked to write posts and select pictures for the Heritage Building Centre Facebook site. This Sydney company started over 40 years ago as a drop off yard for used building materials such as bricks, windows, doors, flooring etc and has evolved into an amazing collection of recycled and reproduction items, including the large magnificent recycled timber, ‘wood store’.

If you are renovating or restoring a residential or commercial building and wanting to put character back into your world or are just curious about interesting things from another time and place, then connect with the Heritage Building Centre on Facebook.






Where can I stick my sub-woofer?..

That’s what Teifion said to me. He and Larah were looking for an all in one entertainment unit to go along a large wall and fit television and sound requirements. They’d seen models of wall units in Sydney – made using laser cut medium density fibre board (mdf) – but weren’t aware that the same could be made using a mix of Australian 100% sustainable plantation solid timber and veneer board. And at a reasonable price.

Once measurements were taken and format decided, drawings were supplied and Teifion and Larah then got to choose the colour of the paint to suit the interior of their room. They also searched and found very special handles: I’ve written before how I really appreciate this as it adds true individuality to an item.

Teifion got somewhere to stick his sub-woofer and with everything set up the family can now sit back and relax.



A bathroom vanity cabinet made out of wood

Hillary wanted a replacement bathroom vanity cabinet for her Victorian era terrace house in Enmore, Sydney and she didn’t want a plastic coated, toxic chemical emitting version commonly offered by the usual outlets.

An Australian 100% sustainable plantation timber was chosen and measurements to suit the position in the upstairs bathroom were taken.

The pictures below show the cabinet almost completed and also just installed and plumbing done. Hillary intends to make do until she herself can fit some decorative ceramic tiles for a personal touch and after wall and floor issues dealt with, fit the large timber framed bevelled glass mirror on the wall above, also made by woodwoodwoodwood (not pictured).

See for yourself a solid timber vanity that will age gracefully, feel good to the touch and be what she wanted: something to fit and compliment other original pieces in her bathroom.



Get your Australian metric wooden growth chart rulers here!

Ella is “pure heroine”. I got a surprise when she contacted me several weeks ago. She had searched online for a metric version of a large ruler to give as a gift for her nephew.

Now the fact that she lived in Perth, Western Australia, shouldn’t have been a problem, but most of the freight companies declined because of the dimensions and those that didn’t, wanted a fee that was more than the actual item.

So I searched and found a service that was reasonably priced. Well let’s just say, eventually it got there. But only after numerous phone calls and Ella herself driving to pick it up.

The good news is that I’ve been informed about a company that has a proven record moving large items for reasonable cost across Australia. See website for further details.