Seeing trees for the wood

I have had some feedback following my last blog: worried that I sounded negative regarding a recent lost opportunity. I regret that interpretation. After 20 years, not only as a sales consultant, but as a promoter of solid timber furniture, I have learnt that professionalism at all times is essential and accepting the decisions of the client paramount.

My previous post was meant to illustrate what I believe is a current general problem: the appreciation of value in the items we clothe, house and furnish ourselves with. That $5 t-shirt or $250 sofa may seem to us like a bargain, but is it only a short cut to disposability? And how do we explain the likely costs of paying people to make and then send around the world these items.

Now it isn’t only for myself that I cry! Talking to people who make things and provide services, constantly reminds me of the potential for personal satisfaction, if only we would make the effort to evaluate the things we purchase.

By the way, if anyone would like a table or cabinet or bench top made to order from the very impressive timbers supplied by the company in the previous blog post, please contact me.