Seeing wood for the trees…

…or the one that got away.

Met someone recently who lives on the north coast of New South Wales, with a happy family and a business, kiln drying Australian timbers such as brush box, blackbutt, rose, blue and spotted gums for furniture and other uses. See pictures kindly supplied below

He and is partner were in Sydney to find a bathroom vanity to purchase. They’d seen imported models and had questioned the materials used. Is it veneer or particle board? Was it a certified wood product? The sort of queries you make when you have an impressive occupation dealing with high quality woods.

With my background, advising and promoting sustainable local woods, it seemed naturally my duty to advise him on the alternative: something made to size in a solid timber. And at a similar price to the mass produced, factory made and imported item. Just think of all those carbon miles saved. I felt sure that here were people who would make the ‘right’ decision.

I am, I must admit, a little sad and very disappointed. The family have spoken.
The vanity cabinet will not be made in a little place called Sydney.