“We’ve lost touch with the nature of things”

Kevin McLeod, presenter of the Grand Design’s series, says this in one of his recent man made home by the sea episodes. He was considering the types of materials and “things” we choose to surround ourselves with nowadays. It made me think: could we be heading into a world filled with items popped out of 3D printer, fed by packets of carbon from the local supermarket!

Have we lost the touch for natural fibres? The feel of leather, the coolness of steel, the textural properties of wool, paper and wood? It seems to me that machine made materials may have the clean, crisp, ready to apply convenience we see on a screen or a box, but not lasting charm as the years pass by. Like the flat pack modular kitchen that gleams and sparkles from day one: yet looks so tired as it scuffs and peels with use.

If you want furniture that will last and increase with natural charm, something to pass on to the next generation, to have that natural touch, then seek out people with the skills and the knowledge to give you what you deserve. Source locally made now.