How good is wood?

Guitars are made from it. Boats float using it. Churches and rivers are crossed using it. Tables made from wood can be passed down through the generations. The traditional standard six seater table measuring 6 feet by 3 feet (180cm x 90cm), being the size of most human beings, evolved as a presentation platform for the recently deceased! You would lay out your nearest and dearest in their finery for all to see.

The more I think about wood, the more I realise how subtly it is a part of our lives. Who hasn’t stared at a wood fire, watching the flames consume the pieces as they disappear. It feels deeply primeval. You’re in the moment, as perhaps many an ancestor was.

Maybe this explains the satisfaction we get from wood. It’s use, even in a minor way, helps to soften, accent, comfort us in an interior space wether small or large. We can hold it close as it charms. Like a guitar.