A custom kitchen challenge

Project: replace existing kitchen cupboards with white painted timber units.
Location: small heritage sandstone & brick house, Woollahra, Sydney, Australia

Carrie was looking for cabinetry to complement her kitchen with its raw brick walls, exposed Oregon timber roof framing and clay tile floor. Wanting to avoid the veneer-board look, she chose an Australian sustainable plantation “hoop pine” timber which, when painted, would have a solidity and depth equal to the other materials in the room.

Two other considerations for the project were an existing thick marble top around the sink and under the window to be retained – and the many exposed pipes and electrical wiring from previous times. Carrie couldn’t part with the marble top which had gained charm from use, as a natural material does. She also needed the pipes, wires, taps and other utilities to be accessible yet hidden without too much loss of storage space.

Mid project, Carrie changed her mind about the timber work top, deciding to go with a metal surface instead. The workshop was able to change specifications and a bespoke stainless steel top was ordered.

The benefit of personal service and custom design!