October Sydney Fires

You could mistake the picture above as an out take from the third part of the film trilogy Lord of the Rings. Such is the dark beauty of the scene appreciated from a distance. This of course is not the reality for those unfortunate to live in fire prone areas or for those in the path of nature burning across the landscape. It can only be imagined: the sense of fear, the need to take decisive action and the wish for safety and finally normality again.

Living in an Australian city like Sydney,with people going about their usual daily lives whilst the skies take on a tobacco colour and fine ash drifts and settles, is an unsettling feeling. Reports in the media concern the mind with stories of homes lost and schools closed. I remember driving on the main road north from Sydney more than 20 years ago and seeing fire to the side and up high. Being amazed on the return trip to see the blackened charred remnants of the bush-land and the countless spectral tree shapes.

I now understand that trees are the most efficient absorber of carbon dioxide from the air. Did you know that half the dry weight of any tree is carbon? They store it more efficiently than any other material. Unfortunately they release it during a fire. Maybe we could respect this cycle of life by using sustainable and recycled timber wood products. You know, give the trees a break!
Here’s hoping for regeneration of all the animals and insects and especially the trees. If they return, it will be slowly, but eventually for the benefit of us all.

Below. The colour of the sky.