A vanity for every situation


In Sydney, with housing stock including apartments and units having variable living space dimensions, I am being told by people that there is a constant need to “tailor” functional, practical items to fit. Vanity cabinets are a good example. Often displayed in standard uniform dimensions in showrooms across the city, the look and feel can disappoint and usually does.

I believe that for contemporary bathrooms now being built, it is forgotten that timber as a material can provide an underlying texture. Even when painted, the subtle grain and imperfections soften the overall effect and are an improvement on “plasticated” chip or fibre board materials, usually constituted using production glues and finished with polymers.

The pictures demonstrate the use of the North American Shaker style: one of the most subtle and traditional “world” styles. As you can see, it easily compliments the selection of materials by my client Carrie. Note the white knobs chosen too. A nice touch.

The first picture is of a larger bathroom tiled with handsome stone and the second pic shows eye catching black and white tiles. There is a third even smaller bathroom, or specifically shower room. See images below.